Transportation services

International shipping is an integral and important part of the travel of goods from the producer to the consumer. Shipping costs from one region to another are as important as the speed, security and quality of transportation of goods. All these factors are successfully put together by our company.

Owing to strong capabilities that our company has developed, we can deliver your goods from (to) any part of the world - China, the United States, Canada , Australia , Europe and the CIS.

The secret of our credibility and success is that we regard international shipping as a set of solutions, where we apply both – traditional calculations and the latest innovative technology. Existing practice shows that in most cases all that is required from a client is just to indicate the starting point of the cargo, delivery location, category of cargo and the desired period of completion of the task.

In return, our experts offer the cheapest, safest and most efficient options taking into account all the nuances.

It’s up to us to take effective steps – develop the shortest path, provide customs clearance of road cargo documents, select specific transport according the category of goods, choose the kind of international freight transportation: road, rail, air, sea or a combination of means.

Working with us, you raise our prestige and professionalism and we do our best to make your business more successful.


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