Warehouse services

Secure storage of goods is a good opportunity to reduce the cost of keeping  your own storage space, staff , security, needed to maintain the warehouse and logistics processes. This will allow to redirect the released funds for business development of your own company . Our company takes responsibility for  the storage of your goods. Managing the storage facilities of different types, sizes and standards, we save you from a number of problems associated with the warehouse operation.

Storage of goods is one of the main activities of our company, so we strictly follow all the rules for acceptance and release of goods, carry out regular inventory check-ups  and provide our clients with special warehouse reporting.

Here is a list of our services:

- Floor and rack storage,
- Storage of goods with special temperature requirements,
- The organization of unloading / loading of various kinds of transport,
- Reception and accommodation of the goods,
- Processing of the goods in accordance with the specific requirements of the client,
- Selection and placement of orders,
- Labelling, stickering of goods,
- Packing / repacking,
- Reports on storage and operations,
- Preparation of the necessary logistics and transportation documents.

We can offer clients a comprehensive set of 


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