Certification of goods needs obtaining the necessary permits, based on matching the characteristics of the product to the required essential features.

Our company offers complete solutions in certification issues.

We will help you to get the necessary permits:- A mandatory certificate,
- Approval of the Customs Union,
- Certificate of Conformity to technical regulations,
- The certificate of conformity of the product,
- Certificate of state registration (health certificate or expert approval of Russian Consumer Committee),
- Declaration of Conformity, Declaration of the Customs Union,
- Certificate of origin - form ST -1/A,
- Fire Safety Certificate,
- Refusal letter,
- RosTechNadzor permit,
- The declaration of conformity to technical regulations
and other documents required for customs clearance, production and sales.

Certification Procedure:
Upon your request our experts will help determine what permission papers are needed in your particular case, and will obtain them for you. These could be: codes of goods, documentation to be submitted to the certification body, organization of tests and examinations, processing of results, receipt and delivery of the ready permits to your office.

By choosing us you will save your time and the cost of our services will surprise you.


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