Certificate of entry in the customs brokers register

    About Customs Clearance

    Customs representative is an ideal solution for businesses related to the import and export of goods. Self-clearance involves risk of loss of time and money.

    "Declarant T" is a reliable customs representative who will minimize any risks.

    We offer a wide range of customs clearance services, which include:
    - Customs clearance of imports and exports;
    - Preparation of documents for customs clearance;
    - Customs clearance of complex multi-item declarations;
    - Storage in warehouse;
    - Advising on tax payments;
    - Advising on the classification of goods;
    - Registration of companies in the custom;
    - Approval of the list of documents submitted to the customs authorities etc.

    The organizational structure of the company "Declarant T” is aimed at ensuring that we service our clients with maximum efficiency. In the face of the personal manager each client receives a qualified business partner who will find the best solution to any task related to customs clearance as well as to the financial and legal support of foreign trade.

    High quality services, delivered by a customs representative, is a guaranteed recipe for success in your business.


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